*Siobhán Galvin

Siobhan_2_copiaSiobhán Galvin’s Reading at an EOI

2010. Presentation of Siobhán Galvin’s collection of short stories Through the Eyes of Love

Siobhan Galvin (1962-2009) came from Dublin to live in Spain and create a family here. This highly recommendable collection of short stories embedded with her personal view of Spanish and Irish life is the first book from the COLLAGE* collection of new authors in English, French and German published by the EOI Fuengirola.

Dear Net surfers: you can buy this book. It’s got an audio CD and a separate workbook, too. I just read it (US) / I’ve just read it and feel totally thrilled about it. She gives a voice to human beings who do not usually have a voice in literature, because most literature has not allowed women and some me to have a voice. Literature needs a lot of people who have been traditionally denied a place in its History, because literature is a human event. This stories will mesmerize you for all of their humaness and their metaphorical resonance, which will keep you company beyond the enjoyment of the story itself.

book_siobhan_webPublication of Galvin’s Collection of Short Stories by EOI Fuengirola

Irish writer celebrated at posthumous release of her collection of short stories

2011. Mo Malone records Siobhán Galvin

In March 2011, the EOI Fuengirola published a booklet with activities, a glossary and a DVD with listening activities and the recording of the stories by Irish poet Mo Malone.

2012 Encuentro con Mo Malone, poeta irlandesa y autora de la grabación en audio del libro de relatos de Siobhán Galvin

* Link to the Collage magazine published at EOI Fuengirola and hosted here in Marta Moreno’s wiki. Marta Moreno also put together the separate workbook you can buy along with Galvin’s book.

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