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Problem-solving: Do life activities live up to your expectations?

When we feel let down by activities we do (studies, work, family), we tend to focus on criticizing people and avoid doing some constructive analysis that can help us change what we can actually change — for instance, because it … Continue reading

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LoM Dec Writings: no plural “s” in hyphened noun mods.! (Modifiers)

The most common mistake in Y5 on this topic is that people add a plural -s to noun modifiers such as: a six-yearS-old child. Please, don’t. Let’s review some other modifiers, too: Modifiers Something that makes your language range richer … Continue reading

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LoM: Dec Writings. Articles + Titles/headlines, headings

With articles, remember, you need to think about this: where the article is intended to appear (e.g., magazine, brochure/leaflet/guide, newspaper, newsletter — and what kind of magazine: teens, young adults, specialized, for the neighbourhood or school) who the intended readers … Continue reading

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