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Handouts this week!

Improving your fluency and accuracy by using Communicative Strategies (Oral drilling) I’ve given all my groups (Quinto, Tercero) the doc here called: What’s the word for…? For Y3’s this is very interesting because you will consolidate your relative clauses. For … Continue reading

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Without language, not our revolution

I have just translated a cyberpostcard we share at mujerpalabra.net about the importance of language – how it shapes what we think and how we relate. Social movements posed this idea in the May 68 movement, for instance, the connection … Continue reading

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Y5’s – Sample Speaking Cards & Listening Work

Unit 1 – Please, use 1.12 and 1.13 to learn to listen and to speak. You should read as you listen, too, so as to underline Useful Language you can use to tackle those issues in a monologue or conversation. … Continue reading

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Y5’s: first December lessons

Monday, Dec 2 / Tuesday Dec 3 (except for Y5CAL — they’ll have the Thursday lesson — there won’t be a lesson on Wednesday and Thursday; plus, next Mon Dec 9 is a holiday, so make sure you use this … Continue reading

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Designing Exam Speaking Cards

Timed Interactions. Designing Exam Cards based on topics in 1A and 1B: task description for 5-minute performances. Theory: Some tips for good timed interactions A. The Structure of Dialog(ue)s Beginnings Development: Balanced turn-taking Ending About the development: Pose an idea … Continue reading

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Speaking: A present for Intermediate Students!

I have finished jotting down all the tasks for oral performances in Certificate Speaking Exams. Please, download it, print it, and make sure you use your textbook audios in oral practice at home keeping this list in mind. The topics … Continue reading

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Attention, Y5’s! ReadMe

Dear all, just to check you all know about what we are doing/learning, I’m asking you to tick/check the boxes in the handout below (I will not bring copies unless you ask me to next Monday Oct 28, or Tuesday … Continue reading

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Audios for your grammar & comm. strats.

From the Talking People Podcast… Y5’s, I have a little audio on passives And 3 episodes on Communicative Strategies for all of you! Select what you need. Collect more sentences so I can record them, if you like!

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Lesson Plans for Tercero

Lesson Plans for the week – the more you prepare things at home, the better we can work in class, ok? You should be learning to hold conversations about food and related topics, and also giving your opinion on statements. … Continue reading

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Working on Mons in the Classroom

Activity in pairs. 5 min. to think: 1) pick a topic, 2) brainstorm on language to make your range richer, 3) work on an outline (content distribution) considering you just have a maximum of 3 min for the mon. In … Continue reading

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