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Even if you are not involved in collecting signatures in support of this, or joining in with your own, you should read this, about Communications Surveillance! We need to be aware, and if possible, get involved in the defence of … Continue reading

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Herstory: Postcards with quotes by remarkable women

If you click on the postcard, you will also be able to read about these women. Table of contents: http://thereconstructionists.org/archive

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Y5’s – Celebrating Human Rights Day – Dec 10

I have prepared this doc, but we have so many things to do next week in class (OPs, dialogues, C-Day!) that I’m not sure we’ll get time to do this. Anyway, if you could print it, that’d be good in … Continue reading

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Designing the Learning Year

Dear all, We’ve finally met. It’s been a pleasure. And sorry about my lousy time management! Please, don’t be shy and help me stop! 😀 As I told you, we teachers haven’t had time to design the learning year, and … Continue reading

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The Welcome Handout

In case you missed our first lesson on September 16 / 17 (or in case you are a teacher looking for ideas, or a net surfer interested in these topics), here are Welcome Handouts I give out to introduce people … Continue reading

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