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Absentismo, evaluación y estadísticas (edited)

Quisiera ayudar a concienciar sobre el impacto del absentismo en la enseñanza pública no obligatoria de idiomas, ofreciendo los datos de mis grupos en el curso 2013-14 respecto a personas que se han presentado a las Pruebas Unificadas de Certificación … Continue reading

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Last Exam Tips: relax & focus on/enjoy the tasks…

Pay attention to the teacher when she/he speaks. Remember you’ve got all the exam info on the English Department Announcement Boards (2nd floor, in the corridor leading to the classrooms). Bring your ID card, water/juice, tissue paper, A WATCH, two/four … Continue reading

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FAQ – Speaking Test & Pics in Monolog(ue)

Today Sara (Y5B, guest student at the Y5A lesson today) asked me about the pictures under the instructions for your monologue. She had the pictures of three kinds of buildings and didn’t know how to call each kind of house. … Continue reading

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Very Important: 2 Reminders!

Reminder 1: in the FIRST 3 lessons in May I’ll jot down the names of people who know who they want to take their Speaking test with. (The rest will be summoned to the oral, too, of course. No worries. … Continue reading

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