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Gender Issues and Education in Spain

If you want to learn to speak about this issue, under the Francoist dictatorship and how it evolved till today, read these 12 pages by two Spanish teachers who wrote their paper in English. It focuses on PE, but you … Continue reading

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Delusions of Gender. How our Minds, Society and Neurosexism Create the difference of Gender

by a brilliant thinker, Cordelia Fine.  ❤ Thanks, Cordelia Fine! 🙂 In Spanish, Cuestión de sexos. A great gift for parents, teachers, people interested in the development of human minds and gender issues.

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Y3 – Conversations on Gender Issues

In unit 3B (4 pages) you have plenty of ideas for a conversation on gender issues. In pairs, you need to agree on a task description (what are you going to talk about? + time limit), and then on three … Continue reading

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