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First memories

In class, there’s a lesson about first memories, with some information on Piaget’s first memory turning out to be a made-up image he never saw because the story had never happened! The unit is about childhood memories and it tells … Continue reading

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The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain

Dear students, please remember to turn off the subtitles in Spanish. Go to where it says Spanish, click to open the menu, scroll to the top and you’ll find the SUBTITLES OFF. Subtitles are about reading, not about training your … Continue reading

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Y5. In class. Train your brain – Memory

Note-taking. First, we’ll watch the first 15 minutes of this documentary (warm-up). Then we’ll watch again and you should try to take notes on the following questions. What’s your short-memory like? Would you be a good witness? Jot down key … Continue reading

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Activities on Stereotypes (2)

Once you have brainstormed on statements on national stereotypes (to gather information to help you think about the topic) and practiced/practised a mon. inspired on that, we can move onto analyzing/analising the topic of STEREOTYPES. After this, try to put … Continue reading

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Spot the Fake Smile (UK) & Brain Games (USA)

Are you good at perceiving if the people before you are sincere when they smile? Take this great test. http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/surveys/smiles/ The first is a National Geographic TV show telling us about some interesting things scientists are finding out about human … Continue reading

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