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Learn to hear the 3 a’s!

CAT/CUT. Click here and then click on the audio to listen to each of the words in a minimal pair. When you finish getting acquainted with the sound differences, you will find an exercise! See how well you do and … Continue reading

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Learning to listen: notice this

As you watch your weekly episode of your chosen TV series, try to see if you catch this: The perfect modals: could’ve, should’ve, would’ve + past participles (-ed ending or third column for irregular verbs) You should’ve told me! We … Continue reading

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Learn to pronounce “strawberry”!!

Dedicated to Miriam (Y3C), and to all the Spanish-speaking students who mispronounce this very lovely word — they say /strónberi/ instead of /stróberi/ 😀

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List of Mistakes (LoM): Pronunciation

Today in 3ºC as we read the Welcome Handout we started learning how to keep a List of Mistakes (LoM) and why this is so important to overcome fossilized pronunciation mistakes. Here are some. course = /koors/ (not: /kurs/), as … Continue reading

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