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Estadísticas Aptos Junio (better late than never)

Y para que veáis el problema del absentismo en cifras y la alegría de Aptos, aunque creo que siempre deberíamos aspirar a mejorarla! El resumen es: Ejercicios Aprobados sobre Ejercicios Presentados en JUNIO. S (son porcentajes normales, buenos. Yo venía … Continue reading

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Lousy News

Although we teachers are literally exhausted, today we had another heavy and hectic day of work. As I was rushing into my classroom — where I was holding a meeting with teachers — and out, I could see a hive … Continue reading

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Revisión & September

As you know, revisión is not about me explaining why someone failed an exercise, because we are in Evaluation Month, the course is over. In Revisión, you have the right to see that your tests were checked and how they … Continue reading

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About to finish evaluating!

Tomorrow it’ll be our last day giving exams. I’m so exhausted and relieved I can’t believe it! 😀 I’m happy about the results this year. Also because I think that the few cases for September are good ideas, I mean, … Continue reading

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Little hello and requests

I know some of you are nervous about the results, but please don’t send me emails about this topic. We’re working non-stop and many more hours than you can imagine and bearing a lot of tension, from all the exams … Continue reading

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Y5’s – Y5B, ¿falta de confianza? (con posdata)

En los orales de 5ºB me encontré con una sorpresa triste: hubo gente que se puso a hacer cosas que no habíamos dicho que había que hacer: además de sembrar el pánico en lugar de confiar en una/o, en el … Continue reading

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Absentismo, evaluación y estadísticas (edited)

Quisiera ayudar a concienciar sobre el impacto del absentismo en la enseñanza pública no obligatoria de idiomas, ofreciendo los datos de mis grupos en el curso 2013-14 respecto a personas que se han presentado a las Pruebas Unificadas de Certificación … Continue reading

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FAQ – Speaking Test & Pics in Monolog(ue)

Today Sara (Y5B, guest student at the Y5A lesson today) asked me about the pictures under the instructions for your monologue. She had the pictures of three kinds of buildings and didn’t know how to call each kind of house. … Continue reading

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Open Friday Lesson

To Y5B and Y5CAL students: if you wish to come to class tomorrow afternoon, at 4.45 (for 2 hours), for Speaking or Listening practice, I’m sure Y5A’s will welcome you! Same room. Cheerio!

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Plans for the last lessons together

3ºC – we’ll continue as usual with time for Speaking Test practice Y5’s: About the textbook, my plan is to do the Self-Help Books listening activity, and then practice Speaking Tests. Then we could do a listening activity I’ll design … Continue reading

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