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Common Core Curriculums: Killing teaching/learning processes

Curriculum – Curriculums/Curricula; syllabus – syllabuses/syllabi I just read /red/ I’ve just read /red/ this by Jeff Nguyen, a primary teacher in the USA, where the Common Core curriculum suffocates teaching and learning processes with even more harshness than here … Continue reading

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On Goodbyes, by Rosa González Colilla

Some people say goodbyes are always sad. I definitely disagree with this. Obviously, how sad a goodbye gets will depend on where the person leaving is heading. Is she going on a holiday or is it a goodbye for ever? … Continue reading

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Why I Never Go Out with Students

Listen to the story: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1qeXs1wcTj1 As a teacher, I have two rules and one is I never go out with students — till they have passed their finals. This little rule makes my inner life easier, because human relationships are … Continue reading

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