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LoM: Past simple or present perfect? (hear)

When we speak, you could say or hear: Did you hear the news? /did iú híer/ Have you heard the news? /hav iú heerd/ The choice of tense will depend in which chunk of time of the day the person … Continue reading

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Tenses. Past simple, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Cont.

This post is dedicated to my Y3 students, to check they know their tenses, but it might be useful for more people. Notice the meaning of the different tenses in the following sentences: I bought a house [Past Simple – … Continue reading

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Analyzing the use of tenses (in UK Eng also Analysing)

Time is something that happens to us. We have the present and the past and the future. Tense belongs to the realm of grammar and verbs, and verbs do not always express the time they’re supposed to express! Identify the … Continue reading

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