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English peacelings!: Some episodes at the ESL podcast

Come on! Go for podcasts now! Crush Exams! ❤ This was one of my fav podcasts. The host is not an activist, and for me, he’s rather traditional in his views, but he is not conservative. And he’s a great … Continue reading

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Our Crazy Summer – Creating a Ten Point Plan

Classroom activities after reading the novel. 5A is opening this way! ❤ TenPoints (3 Word pages, but I’ll print 1 & 2 in one page to give out as a handout) – for Quinto A today.

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Free Leonard Peltier news…

Shame on you, USA government! And please, people from the USA, there exist non-believers, who behave in solidarity but do not pray. Can’t you at least say “And if you are a believer, keep him in your prayers?” Michelle –Leonard … Continue reading

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Alice Walker

I think that just two people knew who Alice Walker was, and everybody knew about Spielberg’s movie “The Color Purple”, so here is a little webpage to introduce her to you all. Alice Walker is a US American writer who … Continue reading

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Please, read, watch, and if you understand, sign!

Leonard Peltier – please, read, watch, sign… http://www.leonardpeltier.info/petition http://www.leonardpeltier.info/ (video) Shame on the US American Democracy for this case… Obama, how can you not do anything, when it’s in your hands?! Shame on you! (In solidarity)  

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Blue Motel Room (to chill out!)

One of my favorite/favourite singers and songwriters! Hope you enjoy it! (The lyrics are here)

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Living in the Space Between Cultures, by Carol A. Hand

First memories, and more… http://deconstructingmyths.com/2014/01/11/mic-check-carol-a-hand/

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More materials for our Y5 course

If you wish to get a copy of some more materials to learn about Black USA, here goes: Read+Listen. Rock your English! Billie Holiday & Ella Fitzgerald. About 9 euros. A book with a CD with the songs. In the … Continue reading

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The first gay US Ambassador in Madrid!

Hurray! Out of the closet: human rights opening a brand new path. Will Ana Botella, the antigay Spanish right-wing political party PP — who used a fruit metaphor to tell the population that homosexuality was an unnatural, an illness — … Continue reading

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Do you like History?

Do you want to learn about the History of the USA? Howard Zinn wrote an amazing People’s History of the USA. It’s a very thick book, but you can read individual chapters. I might prepare one of those for next year, … Continue reading

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