1. One Crazy Summer, by Rita Williams-Garcia

You can exploit the books you read as you like. At least you should be able to do these first two:

  • Speaking: You should be able to explain what the book is about (plot), preferably also mentioning the main social (e.g. the Black Panthers) and personal (e.g. Childhood in the midst of social change) topics, after an intro where you mention the title and the author, of course. And you should be able to end your presentation by giving a personal opinion. This could be done in 3-5 minutes.
  • Writing: You should be able to write a Book Review on this novel, keeping in mind the ingredients we need in reviews.

More ideas – working in teams or individually

  • Fav Passages. You could read out and/or tell us about your favo(u)rite passages or characters.
  • Language and Culture. You could share with us the language you learned/learnt while reading the book, and/or what you learned/learnt about Black communities in the USA, or the Black Panthers, Rita Williams-García…
  • Learning more/Consolidating: Watching videos and preparing some speaking exercise based on that: check out the TalkingPeople MujerPalabra youtube channel, the playlist called Course 2013-14: Learning about Black USA.
  • Personal. You could speak about the more personal themes in the novel, like Growing Up, Missing Parents, Changing the World…
  • The Importance of Poetry. You could learn poems in the novel or by Nikki Giovanni, Sonja Sanchez and Lucille Clifton, or write your own, or learn any you like!
  • The Importance of Music. You could speak about Jimmy Hendrix and why at the back of the book they mention he was doing to music what the Black Panthers did to politics.
  • Social Change. You could work with other people in a Ten Point Program like the Black Panther’s and talk about a cause that you support. You could find the similarities and differences between what the Black Panthers did in the 1960s in Black communities and 15M in Spain.

2. Rosa Parks: My Story (autobio)



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