List of all the contributors sending their work for publication on Talking People:

Things pending for publication on TP:

Your Stuff! (Getting your work published)

In case you wish to send in your individual/group oral or written work for publication on the Talking People website. Here is a list of previous contributors:

Don’t send in your Writings until we have completed the process. This is the procedure:

  1. Gathering Info. You do research to learn to write your text
  2. You sit and write your piece once, timing yourself, and doing the Before and After Writing.
  3. You hand in your piece by the deadline
  4. When you get your checked work, you work on a LoM and then make a clean copy of your piece. This time you can type it, if you like, especially if you’re going to send it in for publication!
  5. We hold C-Day, Composition Day, in class, and you bring your LoM and your clean copy, to read out. Now you can send in your work for publication! Remember to include the task description and the name you want to use on the Internet!

Oral Work

Send your work when you have prepared it following my procedural advice. Send in your mon. in an mp3 file preferably, and include the name you want to have on the Internet, and the description of what you did to prepare your piece. As I get audio work every week, I won’t publish it unless you say it’s for publication in your email!

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