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FAQ – it’s all here and here!

Check out the page here called List of Mistakes for links to posts on mistakes people made while writing

  • Where is the number of words? In the Welcome Handout! I gave out at the beginning of the course.

See resources and misc. post below!!! (March)

Y5’s for business emails check the notes I wrote at the beginning of this year.

Michelle’s resources for Y3: Formal letters

Dominique Cole’s notes:

Essays – Exam Practice

  • 6-sample-essays-: These examples are goo, except they are written as if answering a question (the statement) and we just pose the question but expect you to find a title for your essay.
  • essay-checklist It includes space for your LoM

February: Proposals, or Reports (see this, too)

January: Reviews


Hi, Michelle! Here you are the notes I promised from today’s 5A class.

Today in 5A one of the students raised the subject of how we should work
on our Writing Files. Michelle wrote up a schema to help us organize the necessary tasks.

During the month we will be working in three different stages: before, during and after writing.

A. Before writing: Independent learning at home

Read similar texts in order to learn about the textual format and structure and collect useful language.
Resources: our textbooks, books like Successful Writing, and our teacher’s notes at Talking People http://www.talkingpeople.net/tp/skills/writing.htm

B. The Writing Assignment, done in 45′ maximum with a word limit (exam format practice). This is also divided into three separate moments.

  1. Before writing: Immediate preparation for the writing (5′ up to 10′)
    Brainstorming on language
    – Structure of the composition: make an outline
  2. During: Write the actual piece, using the outline. Remember to comply with Michelle’s presentation RULES (see below).
    Write the piece just once, never make a clean copy. You cannot waste time. You can cross out things, and add things if necessary.
  3. After writing: Proofreading the writing (5′ up to 10′)
    Read it at least three times while checking:
    – Logical progression – Does it make sense?
    – Spelling / Grammar
    – Write your corrections in a different color (i.e., red)

C. After the writing: Students hand in their work, complying with the deadline.

Once the work is corrected by the teacher and handed back to us, we should
       – Work on our LoM
       – If necessary, make a clean copy

The teacher will schedule a C-Day (Composition Day). That day we should
bring our writing (clean copy or original) along with our List of
Mistakes. We will read out our work, so everybody can learn from other people’s work, and we will work on language and textual matters at Plenary. This is the moment when people should pose their “grammar and textual questions”

After this, you can send in your work for publication.


  • The monthly writings are Exam Writing Practice, so they should stick to the number of words your exam papers require (see back of Welcome Handout).
  • They should be HANDWRITTEN, because you need to train in knowing how much space you take up for different amounts of words.
  • On the top right corner you should write YOUR NAME, GROUP, and DATE, ie October Writing Assignment.
  • Then you should include the TASK DESCRIPTION, e.g. Write a review in … words.
  • Then the title if appropriate. For letters, if you include addresses, don’t count those words because the exam paper speaks about the number of words of your text excluding the addresses. (That’s why exam papers don’t ask you to write the addresses.)
  • You should attach the work you did BEFORE writing (the outline and the brainstorming on language, or the collection of language you intended to use).
  • You should include your corrections during the AFTER writing in a different pen color/colour.
  • We need to agree on a deadline, because then I’ll organize C-Day or Composition day, and this means I need to have finished checking your work at a very specific point in time! (This means I’d reject Writings handed in after the deadline.)



Dear all,

Here is some information and some ideas so that you can start putting together or thinking about your Writing File for this year!

writing-file  worddoc (2 pages)

carita_beatingheart begin-at-the-beginning

Writing Resources – under construction

16 Responses to WRITING FILE

  1. pedropaz says:

    Please Michelle, What is the correct way to send you a writing file to be marked?. Thanks a lot.

  2. MF says:

    Hiya! What a coincidence!
    Well, I’m not sure what you mean. I mean, the first Writing would be due at the end of October. And I haven’t had time to explain my little rules.
    However, if you have been writing away and need feedback, I could have a look. My email is on the Course Information Sheet I gave in class. If you are in Quinto or Tercero, it’s your corresponding Welcome Handout! (Go to your Page Diary and scroll down, the link is there somewhere. Or else, type “Welcome” into the slot of the Search engine and see if you find it.
    Last, let me know in class. I’ll show you.
    See you around!

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